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Welcome to Sidh

Our Solutions address up for essential aspects of design-to-print services; speed-to-market, accuracy, cost and in the end ensuring customer satisfaction. We provide a dynamic portfolio of effective & efficient design-to-print solutions for consumer packaged goods companies, printers & retailers.



You dream of a design and we make it a reality.
We are capable of creating product related innovative packaging designs, taking into account all artistic and technical parameters and combining them with the product specifications to achieve desired results.
Scanner for reproduction, photo scanning, computer designing are the major equipment's used to produce the best designs.


The process involves wherein the designs in any form of line art work are scanned and color corrected on latest graphics software under high-end Pre-press "ONE STOP SHOP". Latest innovative methods focus on accuracy and the pre-processing uses modern equipment's including state-of-the-art ink based printers to ensure the original creativity and better results.


Preparing a cylinder, before engraving is a very important stage to achieve the perfect quality.
We at Sidh have the state-of-the-art multiple galvanolines with the most latest and automated features.
Our extremely experienced and skilled staff is more than capable of delivering the best plated cylinders with high degree of accuracy and precision.


At Sidh, the copper-finishing process uses state-of-the-art & the very latest CFM Plus Machine, which is a digitally controlled high precision machine with an accuracy of 10 microns per meter and is utilized for optimal quality copper surface balance and to minimize tolerance to achieve highest amount of accuracy in a cylinder. Roughness within these parameters gives endurance to cylinders in terms of increased number of impressions and life of Doctor Blade in terms of value addition.


We have state-of-the-art electronic engravers which are Ideal for packaging, decor printing and uses specific filter for foil printing. Plenty of useful features like extreme mode permits exceptional line work quality as well as depth. Ability to engrave very deep at different angles and patterns makes this suitable for demanding line work and also for security applications and metallic inks.


To ensure that cylinders meet high quality standards, proofing process has high precision imported proofing machine. This ensures total registration employing the same inks and substrate which are to be used by the customer. Every proof is approved by customer for the establishment of the accurate colours using standard inks on actual substrate. As value addition to the customer we also provide draw down for the ink shade for colour matching.


Sidh believes in delivering high quality products, our emphasis on quality is apparent not only at every stage of production process, but across all departments and functions within organization. Latest specific approved instruments and tools are used to check the quality of product at different stages all through the process until final despatch of material. Data captured from the quality control processes are stored in the data bank for future references and this helps in bridging the gap to ensure highest level of quality at all times.


Proper packaging of cylinders is done in light weight corrugated boxes and we also have customised options available incase of any specific customer requirement.
Delivery schedules at Sidh are strictly adhered so that the product reaches you on time every time.